Website Design Trends 2020

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Website design trends change with the seasons. It can be hard to predict where the design trends will turn next, but that’s all part of the fun. Website design allows you to be innovative and creative, paving the way for new fashions and ideas. Each year the design elements on websites change. You get new layouts, colors, typography, white spaces, and a whole host of other things. This article will get you up to date with the website design trends of 2020, allowing you to take a new and creative approach to web design.

Website Design Trends 2020

1. Asymmetrical Layouts

web design trends 2019 assymetrical look

This trend has been pretty common over the last couple of years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It refers to the act of creating a webpage with a ‘broken grid,’ meaning that you do not follow the imaginary grid on the webpage. You can move items around in any way, making a less rigid appearance. This innovative technique allows your webpage to stand out, pushing the boundaries of web design.

2. Fluid Design Elements

website design trends 2019 fluid layout

Creating webpages with more fluid lines and shapes is becoming increasingly common. This modern approach, of using organic shapes, often creates a webpage that is more approachable and relaxed.

3. Retro Designs

website design trends 2019 retro look

We all love a good throwback, which is great because retro designs are coming back. This trend allows for such great experimentation and nostalgia, and many clients are drawn to this as it reminds them of a different time in their lives. This is the perfect time to play around with the typography too, why not experiment with some retro fonts?

4. Enhanced Images

Images are a great way to create unique depth and design on your webpage. Current trends are veering towards more deeply enhanced images, often using ‘hero-style’ images as a central focal point. Images used in 2019 are more likely to have undergone various layers of treatment and editing, to either pull attention towards or away from them.

5. Monochrome

website design trends 2019 monochromatic web design

The absence of color can be a really unique way to design a webpage. This can create a memorable look that clients will find it hard to forget. Focusing on the one color a brand is associated with, is a great tool for advertising and drawing attention to the key parts of the webpage. If you’re feeling super daring, you could even eliminate color altogether. On this note, don’t be afraid to use white space to your advantage. It can be used to contrast other images or draw attention to a particular aspect of the webpage.

6. Overlapping

website design trends 2019 overlapping elements

By overlapping design elements, you create a level of diversity and depth in your webpage. It can bring an unexpected component to the page, grabbing the viewer’s attention. This needs to be done thoughtfully in order to work well, and in order for the page to not seem cluttered.

7. Unexpected Navigation

website design trends 2019 menu navigation jasmine star

This is a hard egg to crack, but if it is done right, it can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can experiment with the layout, size, typography, and placement to create a truly memorable navigation.

Designing a webpage can be a fulfilling and exciting experience. Keeping on top of website design trends in 2019 and being innovative will allow you to reach the top of your game.

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