The ONE FB Ad You Should NEVER Run – FB ADS on a Budget

Getting new page likes organically these days is like trying to find food in the grocery store without added sugar.

Nearly freakin impossible…

But, I have a special ninja hack that will allow you to get new likes WITHOUT wasting your budget on a page like ad campaign.

Best of all, these likes will be from people who already have an interest in your content.

Check out this short video tutorial where I walk you through the simple tech…

With any rule, there is an exception to this one.

IF you have zero following and want to build up your page likes for the fun of it, then by all means, run a page like campaign.

Just be sure that your ad is running to a targeted audience full of specific people that you actually think would be interested in your content.

There really is no point in building up your FB page full of fans that have no interest in you, your business, or your content.

Another time I would recommend this type of campaign is IF you are also running a conversion campaign that targets your page fans specifically, and you are seeing quality conversions from that campaign.

Other than that, I typically would not recommend spending ad budget on a page like campaign. Instead, try running a video views or post engagement campaign, and then go back and invite anyone whose engaged with those ads to like your page!

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