The ONE Audience to Target when Starting with FB Ads

I see it all. the. time.

How do I know which audience to target for my ads?!

With all the options Facebook™ gives for ad targeting, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. So let me make it easy for you.

You’ve created a GREAT opt-in offer for your email list, and now you’re ready to have it seen by as many people as you possibly can.

The audience you want to target when making your first lead generation ad are your page fans.

Think about it: these are people who already like you, they probably trust you, and they are most likely not already on your email list!

So target the crap out of them.

Plus, Facebook will sometimes “reward” you by targeting people connected to your page by giving you cheaper conversions.


Ideally, you would already have at least 1,000 page fans…but having at least 5,000 – 10,000 minimum* to work with is a lot better. The bigger your network, the more people FB has to work with when delivering your ads.

So, what if my tribe hang out mainly on Instagram?

OK, so say you FB page has like 500 fans, but you’re straight up killin’ it on the gram with 10,000+ followers.  Get it girl.

Obviously, you want to target your most engaged audience. So create a “custom audience” from your engaged IG profile, and target them first.

When you’re opt-in offer is being downloaded like hot cakes by your tribe, then you can move on to targeting cold audiences.

Try this out now and let me know in the comments how it works for you!

Talk soon!


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