How to 5X Website Conversions in 5 Steps

Wouldn’t it be great if your website actually did the work of selling your services before you even make contact with your potential client?

The truth about your website is this…

Relatively, it doesn’t matter if your using Squarespace, or WordPress. It also doesn’t matter if you’re publishing blog posts once a week or daily.

If your website doesn’t have a core group of elements, then it’s not going to achieve it’s intended purpose, which is to grow your online presence and brand.

Your website should be memorable, easy to use, and evoke an emotional response in your audience that makes them want to click on every. single. page.

Hook. Line. Sinker.

Which is why, I’ve developed a system that achieves all of these purposes in a chronological way.

My 5 step process for creating websites that sell is simple. It begins with brand development, then copywriting, photography, design, and lastly, user experience.

In more detail, here is my 5 step process for creating websites that sell:


The first step is creating a strong brand that your website will reflect. Establish what colors you will use, which fonts, and then find some potential graphics to match. Put all of these details in a style guide that you and your designer can refer to through the creation process of your website.


Write your website for your audience, not you.

This is a step that most people often skip, but copywriting is key in getting web traffic to actually read what’s on your website and want to keep reading more. You want to ensure your web copy is written in a way that sells your services before you even make contact with someone.

For example, using “What if” scenarios, and relatable examples will get your audience in the mindset you want them to be in. Make it clear what problems your solving, and make it clear why there is no one else in the world like you.


The images on your site should also reflect you as a brand. If your brand colors are purple and yellow, try to avoid using images with a lot of greens and blues. Schedule a photo shoot with your local photographer with your brand image in mind. Choose outfits and backgrounds that will match the essence of your website.


When creating a website, this is the part most people spend too much time on while avoiding everything else. Design is only a part of your website strategy.

When choosing a design to DIY or hiring a designer, map out the way you want your website to flow. What pages are important to include? Where do you want to position the logo? What images will you feature?

User Experience

A website that sells, in short, will create user experience. This experience is a reflection of the experience someone will get when they book to work with you. Create your website with your user in mind.

Does your website flow? Is it easy to read? What will make your website stand out?

These are all questions to consider when creating a memorable user experience.

Now it’s time to take action. Take a look at your website from your audience’s point of view. Do you struggle with any of these 5 steps? In the areas where you are weak, try focusing on improving that one aspect until everything on your site is cohesive and a strong reflection of you.

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