FB Ad Strategy to Turbo Charge Email Signups

Who doesn’t want to save some money on advertising!?

Today, I’m sharing the exact strategy I use with my clients to get leads for less than $1 per email sign up. It’s really a two-part strategy that focuses on building an engaged audience and retargeting them with a list building ad.

I love using this strategy because not only does it generate high quality leads for a low cost, but it also drives website traffic and builds audiences.

Just check out how this strategy is working for my clients:

I’m going to keep it simple and share the basics of this method:
1. Create a video ad running to cold traffic (could be a FB LIVE or pre-recorded)
2. Create a conversion/lead ad running to people watched the video 10+ seconds (I also run the ad to page fans)

By having the first video ad, you allow people to get to know you, or at least meet you, before asking them to do anything in return.

Chances are, someone who sees your ad for the first time isn’t going to sign up for your list. It’s like walking up to a stranger and asking them where they live. Ummmm…no thanks!

Then, by the time that second ad rolls around, they are more interested in your offer and more likely to sign up.

Genius, right.

In order for this method to truly get you quality leads, you will need to have a few things in place:

X  A video – this could be a FB LIVE or some other type of video that you’ve recorded. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just something.

X  A landing page with an opt-in offer. (An opt-in offer is something your target audience would want to download, like a “free training”, in exchange for giving you their email.)

X  A thank you page

X  Your Facebook Pixel installed to track the results

OKAY, now you’re ready to set up the ads and get those leads!

So here’s the skinny…

This method has been working wonders for me, but I can’t guarantee that the same will work for you. Keep in mind, a lot more goes into making this strategy work than just setting up the ads in ads manager.

Your video ad must be highly engaging, your landing page should be highly converting, and your audience targeting needs to be on point. I will say, if executed well, using this strategy will lower you ad costs significantly, and quite possibly get your average lead cost under a buck.

*Super important note* Don’t forget to have a follow up email sequence to nurture your new leads. They opted in because they know you have incredible value to offer them, so do it!

Let’s not forget the whole point of why you want new leads in the first place: to make sales. Once you have people on your list, use it to your advantage!

As always, the best conversations go down in the comments…if you have questions or want to talk more ad strategy, hit me up in the comments and we can continue the discussion there.

Talk soon!


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