Make Money from Facebook (For Beginners)

Before I published this FB post…

My email list: ZERO
My Facebook fan page: 82 followers

make money blogging

I had been working with clients for over a year, but I guess you could say I was just getting started actually marketing my OWN personal brand to establish my thought leadership in this industry. My client list up until this point was built on referrals alone.

Ready to scale my business, I knew I needed to take the advice and coaching I had been giving for the past year and apply it to my own online strategy.

I went on to make $100 in less than 24 hours with just ONE specific post with basically zero following and no ads, and that was only the beginning!

Here are the 5 major things I did, and tips for how you can recreate these results for yourself…

1. Got specific on WHO I wanted to reach (niched down)

Before I could create any type of offer or digital product, it was CRITICAL to establish the specific person I was creating it for.

I wanted to attract people who I thought would later on work with me one on one, or sign up for a higher end offer like an online course.

Fortunately for me, I already knew who my dream clients were: digital entrepreneurs who built their business with soul and intention to make a difference in the lives of others.

I made a list of potential struggles this type of entrepreneur would face as it related to my own business, and came up with a few ideas for “free downloads” that I could offer to entice them to sign up for my email list.

2. Created a “free download” for that specific person

The next step was creating an offer that would entice my ideal client to sign up for my email list.

I decided to create a “Free Email Marketing Cheat Sheet” because this was something I already had typed up for myself and used in my own business.

All I did next was take what I had already typed out, and turned it into a designed and polished PDF using Canva.

I put this offer on a landing page on my website using Elementor, and when someone signed up, they were redirected to a special thank you page.

3. Created a tripwire that matched my “free download”

On the special thank you page, I placed a “tripwire” offer that related to my free download (email marketing).

My tripwire is a special, limited time offer that is only available 20 minutes after opting-in. (I used the Evergreen Timer plugin for wordpress to embed the timer on this page). You can adjust the offer, and time it is available based on your own business. I went with a 50% off offer, limited at 20 minutes.

In my case, my tripwire product was a pack of Canva templates I designed that would help someone create their very own “freebie” that they could then use to get more people on their list. (Think worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, etc.) I priced it at $20 (valued at $40).

To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure if this would resonate with people, but I knew the designs were GREAT and it was worth a shot.

4. Joined a private FB group full of my “ideal people”

Now that I had this little funnel set up, it was time to give it wings and let it fly.

At this point, I had very little following, so I knew posting this on my FB business page was not going to get very good results (literally would have probably reached about 3 people, mom included).

I also didn’t want to just start running this as an ad because it hadn’t been tested with a real audience yet.

Instead, I researched some private FB groups where my ideal people hung out – intentional entrepreneurs looking for digital marketing advice. I looked for slightly larger groups (10,000 members+) that allowed promotional posts and had good engagement.

Posting inside a group with like 500 members, and zero comments or discussion wouldn’t have been the best place to post my offer, because it wouldn’t have got any traction.

When I found a good group, it was time to finally post this baby up.

5. Told a Story that captured attention + strategized my post

For the actual post, I knew that posting a generic piece of text wasn’t going to create the results I wanted. Posts that read, “Are you…???” and then go on to pitch an offer typically don’t get my attention, unless they’re very, very specific.

Most people, when they’re prompted with a question first, they say “NO!!” in their mind, and keep scrolling. Questions in this sense are not a very good attention grabber.

Instead, I told a story first.

The post read something like this,

“I had a client the other day want to run ads for a new service she was offering…

I asked about her email list and if she had a sequence of emails to nurture it…

(bc there’s no point in having someone sign up for your list if there is never any follow-up, right?)

Oops. She hadn’t sent an email out in MONTHS!

GUYS. If Facebook/Instagram shut down tomorrow, would you still have a business?

I know that may seem unrealistic, but your email list is one thing that is 100% your own

My clients with a well established email list and who are actually sending out emails of VALUE make the biggest returns on their social ads!

If you want a little cheatsheet that helps you figure out exactly:

-> How much free value to give in emails
-> When to introduce your offer
-> How many emails to send

Drop a fist bump in the comments and I’ll send you the link!”

This was a story people really resonated with, because a lot of people could relate to my client I was referring to in the post. They have every intention of sending out emails to their list, but just don’t know how to get started.

Another strategy I used was instead of putting the link to my landing page in the post, I asked people to drop a fist bump emoji in the comments if they were interested.

This did a couple of things:

A) It let me know specifically who was interested in the offer, so I could keep track of them later on.

B) Every time someone commented, my post was then bumped back up to the top of the group discussion page, so more people could see.

Out of 150 unique comments, 100 people opted into my email list for the free download, and 5 of those went on to purchase the tripwire.

Overall, I made $100 in less than 24 hours with this specific post, and that was only the beginning!

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