How To Set Up Appointment Booking On WordPress (EASY)

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If you are a service based business, it is very likely you will need to set up appointment booking on your WordPress website.

When you have an online calendar that seamlessly integrates into your website, is simple to set up, and extremely user-friendly, it will make it so much easier for your potential clients to book an appointment with you!

Here is an EASY and QUICK way to set up appointment booking on your WordPress website…

First, create a FREE account with Acuity Scheduling.

We love Acuity scheduling because not only is it free, but it is so easy to manage all of your appointments. You can integrate your calendar with tons of different applications such as your CRM, your Google calendar, and also Zoom so that if you are setting up meetings over Zoom, the Zoom link will be automatically sent out.

You can also create an intake form so that if you need to get more information from a potential client, it is all in one place and you don’t have to worry about following up to get any missing info.

Next, after you have created your account with Acuity, customize your calendar by adding the different appointment types, and time spots available.

Underneath “Business Settings” on the left side dashboard, you will find the links to set your availability, your appointment types, and add any intake forms.

Once you have your calendar all set up, go to “Scheduling Page Link” from the dashboard

Then select “Embed Scheduler”

Copy this code and head back into WordPress…

Create a new page,

Enable the “code editor” from the three dots found in the top right corner (next to the word “Publish”),

Paste the code into the box, like so:

Title your page and hit Publish!

There you go! Now you have appointment booking available on your WordPress Website!

NOTE: Did you know you can also add your “Book” button to your Instagram profile!?


Simply open Instagram > click “Edit Profile > click “Contact Options” > under “Action button” choose “Book” and add your Acuity Scheduling link!

If you need additional help setting up your appointment scheduler on WordPress, get in touch with us here!

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a *small* commission for purchases made through these links, however our views and opinions of the products/services mentioned are our own.Your support is greatly appreciated.

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