21 Ways to Spark Creativity and Light Your Fire

There is no greater gift to the soul than being creative, as it is in our nature to create.

However, somewhere along the winding path of our life’s journey, this message gets distorted and work becomes the main focus of the majority of our adult life. Our creative work takes a backseat, and having fun feels like a chore.

Whats up with that, right…?

I don’t believe that as artists, we need to feel like we have to choose between our creative work and making a living. I choose to believe that the two go hand in hand: when we are doing work that fulfills and inspires us, we have a better chance to fulfill and inspire others.

So first, here are some things I want you to stop doing:

– Stop telling yourself that your creative work isn’t good enough
– Stop believing that you don’t deserve to life a creative life full of fun
– Stop telling yourself you don’t have the time, the money, or the resources for your creativty
– Stop worrying about what your friends will think of you

Now, it’s time to Jackie-Chan your way through your creative blocks and get those fresh ideas (and the fun!) flowing so that you can have more success and less stress.

Here are 21 ways that will help you to be more creative…

1. Take yourself on an “artist” date!

This is all about letting your inner child out and having fun. The more fun we have, the more fun we attract into our work and creative life. Think about one thing you would have loved to do as a child, and go do it. By yourself! No kids, no friends…just you alone on your magical artist date. You could take yourself to a movie, to the park, or to the craft store, or indulge in a hobby that you loved as a kid. Julia Cameron recommends taking yourself on an artist date once a week in her book, “The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”.

2. Do a social media detox.

3. Free write in your journal.

Simply write for 5-10+ minutes, writing down everything that comes to your mind – stream-of-consciousness style. Sometimes our creative blocks aren’t business-related at all. What could be keeping you stuck can be emotional, stress, relationship, money, or habit related. Dig deep into your subconscious to figure out what it is exactly, and strengthen your relationship with your intuition through automatic writing. Don’t worry about grammar, or having to do things “perfect”. Just write. Pay attention to any self-criticism or judgements that may arise, and remember those voices aren’t speaking the truth.

4. Take a nap.

5. Get a massage.

If you’re feeling blocked, you’re also probably feeling stressed. Tension and stress held by your muscles can interrupt the flow in your life and prolong your stuck-ness. The best way to release any tension is to either get a massage, or massage yourself. Pay attention to where you hold the most stress, and have some extra love poured into that spot. For me, it’s my upper back and neck.

6. Make a craft.

Did someone say, Pinterest…?

7. Find a new work spot.

Next time you sit down with your laptop, try sitting down someplace new. Instead of staying at your desk all the time, go to a coffee shop and tell them to make you a little heart in the foam. Find somewhere that you’ve never been and dedicate some time to work there. You may even meet someone new that puts a little more inspiration behind your next business project.

8. Take a day trip.

9. Move your booty: Exercise.

Take a walk, take a yoga class, try tai-chi, or hit the gym with some girl friends. The blood flow and endorphins will help rejuvenate your creativity and leave you feeling strong enough to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

10. Rearrange your living space.

Move your couch, get a new set of inspirational decor for your walls, or even buy a new piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing from World Market.

11. Clear out old clothes from your closet or declutter.

Hanging on to old clothes and clutter are sure ways to keep you blocked. There is a reason Marie Kondo titled her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and has stayed on NYT Bestseller list for 144 weeks and counting.

12. Meditate or do nothing for a few minutes a day.

I officially give you permission to do absolutely nothing for a few minutes a day. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the more mental space you can make for yourself, the easier it is for creativity to flow your way.

13. Bake something yummy.

14. Play some music.

When the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” came on in the car the other day, I couldn’t help but crank the volume way up and start singing at the top of my lungs. There is nothing like a good song to help put you in a creative mood.

15. Dance.

16. Set boundaries for yourself.

Are you saying “yes” to too much? Maybe you’re working too much? Either way, set some boundaries for yourself. Practice saying “no” to things that you simply don’t want to do, and set time aside for just yourself.

17. Take a workshop or class for fun.

18. Start a “Universe” Jar.

The Universe Jar is a great way to let go of things and strengthen your trust in the Universe. Simply grab a jar, and whenever you have a fear, worry, doubt, dream, or goal – write it down and place it inside the jar while saying to yourself “The Universe’s Got This.” Trust that it has been received and is well taken care of.

19. Take a Bath.

20. Plant something.

Time to get your hands dirty and plant something. A flower, a vegetable, a bush, a tree…getting your hands in the dirt can re-establish that connection with the Earth and ground you so that the creativity can start to flow again.

21. Help someone, or volunteer somewhere.

Selflessly helping others is healing for the soul.

Creative blocks are, in reality, just fears. Fear of failure, fear of what others will think, fear of not being good enough…the list goes on. If you can recognize and acknowledge your fear, you have a much better chance at overcoming it for good.

The best conversations go down in the comments, so leave one below! Which one of these things are you most excited to try!?

Talk soon,


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