650% List Growth Using Video

Get this. My client grew her email list by 650% in 6 months using 1 minute videos that she filmed in her car.

Crazy, right!? You’re probably wondering how we did it, especially since there was no landing page or special “free download” involved.

For the ad, all I did was set up a Facebook™ lead generation ad with the video, along with simple text and a catchy headline. I changed the video once a month. (See examples below…check out that engagement, yo!)

I used Zapier to automatically add anyone who signed up directly to her email list with an automated “zap”.

That’s it!

Let me tell you, her audience loves these videos, and it’s helped her get new leads like wildfire.

Why “car” videos? My client claims that her inspiration hits her while she’s in the car, so she finds that’s the best time to whip out her phone and record.

Her videos include simple messages that are intended to encourage or inspire her audience in some way.  For instance, her latest video was titled, “How to Turn Around Any Bad Day.”

I’m curious, where do you feel most inspired to create content? Next time you’re there, try recording a video and see how it does with you audience.

If you need help turning it into a high converting ad, send me a message and I would love to help!

Talk soon!


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