6 FB Ad Mistakes to Avoid (& what to do instead!)

When it comes to social media, there are SO many chances to get it wrong.

It’s OKAY.

Social media, especially social ads, are all about testing and learning. Along my journey managing ads, I’ve made a few mistakes, but the point is that I’ve always learned from them.

Unless you like wasting money, you should always be analyzing the data from your ads so you can optimize them for maximum results.

Here are 6 tips learned from rookie ad mistakes…

1. Choose the right objective

The first thing you choose when setting up your ad is the objective. Basically, you’re telling FB what you want to achieve with your ad. This affects WHO FB shows your ads to! Let’s say you’re setting up an ad to target your website traffic… If you choose “post engagement” as your objective, FB will show your ad to a different segment of your web traffic audience than if you would’ve chosen “conversions” as your objective. Make sense? Choose an objective that most closely aligns with your overall goal.

2. Remember to exclude audiences

If you’re goal is to get more email subscribers, than you’re wasting money showing ads to your current email subscribers. Make sure to exclude audiences from your ads to prevent the ad from being shown to someone who already did what you wanted them to do.

3. Resist hitting “boost” post

If you even own a FB business page, you probably get hit up by the FB sales bot asking you to boost your post. The thing about boosted posts is that they are mainly optimized to increase post engagements (likes, shares, comments) and nothing else. There are limited targeting options, no control over ad placements (they won’t show up on IG), and you’re likely to receive little to no return on investment.

4. Retarget

This is why FB advertising is so powerful: you can retarget people based on actions they’ve taken and where they are inside your funnel. This gives you, as an advertiser, the chance to show specifically designed ads to certain people along your customer’s journey and move them along your funnel to get the sale.

5. Give the ads enough time to optimize

After publishing an ad, you should give it 2-3 days before you decide to make any changes. It’s like making a pizza from scratch. If you poke the dough too much, it won’t have a chance to rise.  So, if you’re not seeing the results you want right away, it doesn’t mean your ad isn’t good. Sometimes, FB just needs more time to find the right people to show your ad to.

6. Send the right message to the right audience

With FB ads, sending the right message is just as important as choosing the right audience.  This is why it is so important to know who your ideal client is, so you can speak directly to them.  This means you should definitely test different versions of your ad copy, or else you’re leaving money on the table.

Peace, love, and gratitude,


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